The world is rapidly changing, especially in the face of a severe COVID19 pandemic, and correctional centers are not an exception. At such a time, I would say no one wants to stay in a crowded jail situation. Instead, they want to be back home in a different, comfortable isolation environment.

The unexpected shutdown also means that the general physical meetings at Hartford correctional center are now a thing of the past. Now, if you want to post bail, you need to consult your bondman by phone.

Let us delve more into some of the ways you can post a bond with a New Haven bail bondsman.

Contact Your Bondsman

Making that first call sets the ball rolling. For example, your bondsman at 3-D Bail Bonds quickly responds and evaluates the case. We then avail of all the information, including quoting the amount of money that can be sufficient for your situation.

At the same time, we also initiate the first process of posting bail by contacting the correctional center. Since there are limitations on unnecessary movement, all we need to do is wait as patiently as we can to get reliable feedback from the correctional facility.

Stick To Strict Operations

Even under restriction, your bondsman needs to visit the correctional center to post your bail physically. Nevertheless, you need to be well enough if you have to go to the facility. Then, you will go through checks to ascertain that your temperature is average. That is to avoid any further spreading of infections to the staff and inmates at the center.

Use Various Methods Of Payment

The way we handle money is also rapidly changing. For example, paying using cash is gradually being discouraged. Reports indicate that money is a crucial transmitter of germs /viruses.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of payment systems that you can use to pay your bondman. For example, you can pay via credit/ debit cards.

You can also pay online using various payment apps. The best thing is that these cashless money transfers are both safe and swift, making all work-related processes equally smooth.

Fill Forms Online

Even before the advent of the tough times, we have been offering at 3-D Bail Bonds online. These forms are readily available round the clock. The best thing is that filling them is also easy. Once you are through, you can quickly send them by fax or email.

Delegate Court Appearances and Follow-Ups

The truth is that most correctional centers are under the shutdown. Still, we have a few that are offering a right of way, especially for domestic cases and bail bonds. Here is the good news. We can arrange to make follow-ups for you if you are under the right movement restrictions.


We highly advise you to stay at home and allow us to make the necessary follow-ups for you. We are available 24/7 to do your bidding, and ensure you are safe both at home and before the law.
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