According to the latest statistics by the government, there are more than 300,000 people that have tested for COVID-19 with more than 10,000 deaths reported. States like New York are almost approaching the Apex. The World Health Organization has labeled the virus as a pandemic. This is because it has affected many countries and communities at the same time. Connecticut Prisons are taking the necessary measures to ensure that prisoners are protected from the virus. If you’ve not yet been convicted, it is important that you’re looking for bail options in New Haven so that you don’t stay in jail more than necessary.

Connecticut jails have more than 10,000 inmates in total. To prevent the spread of the virus, the Corrections Department has suspended social visits indefinitely.

What to Know if you have a Loved in Jail in Connecticut

If you have a loved one behind bars, it’s still possible to find bail options for them. However, social visits have been suspended indefinitely and there are additional measures being taken internally in order to further minimize the risk of infection in the prison community and staff. According to the DOC, inmates are being allowed just 2 phone calls per week for the next 30 days. 

Speaking to Attorneys

According to the National Bureau of Prison statistics, there are 8,600 reported cases of COVID-19 in prisons. This is a big concern as the people locked up have no control over the prevailing conditions. Lawyers have been rushing to file bail applications so that vulnerable inmates can be released in order for them to get the right medical treatment and allow them to properly quarantine until conditions improve.

Sixth Amendment Violations

With a complete lockdown of prisons, attorneys are afraid that there could be serious law violations. Inmates have had a rough time seeking legal counsel since March 13. In states like New York, actual trials were stopped from as early as last month. Denying vulnerable people access to their attorneys will only make things more complicated as the disease escalates.

For those facing capital charges, there is still a requirement to submit before the mitigation deadlines. The sixth amendment still entitles anyone to fair counsel for their case, however, many prisons are seeking an alternative that would still allow this right to be preserved without the additional potential exposure to Coronavirus that a traditional client/attorney meeting could allow. 

No Social Distancing in Prison

The overcrowding of US prisons could cause widespread illness in this pandemic, even if precautions are being taken. It is not possible for people to be six feet apart when they’re sharing the same small cell. Inmates are not allowed to use sanitizers because of the alcohol content which is considered contraband.

There are some people that are of the opinion that prisoners are safe behind bars. This is true, but only to some extent. While it won’t be possible to infect others, there is always the worry of the disease getting to them. The way the prison staff is operated could potentially be putting the inmates at risk. There are national guidelines to be followed when determining the prisoners that can be released early. For more information on bail bonds, you can check out


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