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What are bail bonds?

To understand bail bonds, first, there is a need to understand what bail means. A bail is an amount that is decided on by a judge following an arrested person’s first appearance in court. Bail allows the defendant to be released from jail or granted his or her freedom upon the payment of the sum of money agreed upon by the court. The bail term is set just after arrest and before the initial court date.

Once the defendant or accused person appears in court following their freedom, the amount paid is released back to the payer.

A bail bond agency, on the other hand, is a company that offers money and stands as a surety, guaranteeing that the person that has been accused will appear in court on their court dates. At 24 Hour Bail Bonds Financing, we are a bail bonds company that takes on the risk of providing this guarantee that banks and other financial institutions fail to.

Quick facts about Bail Bonds

While bail bonds are common in the United States, they are not common worldwide. Even in the United States, some states do not recognize bail bonds, this means that when a person has been arrested in such states, such a person may have to pay the full amount that has been demanded as part of the bail conditions.

States in the United States that do not recognize bail bonds include Massachusetts, Kentucky, Marines, Illinois, Oregon, Nebraska, Washington DC, and Wisconsin.

We operate from Connecticut, a state where bail bonds are recognized and we offer you cheap bail bonds that allow you to rescue your loved ones from jail while presenting them with a chance to enjoy their freedom ahead of their court dates.

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How Bail Bonds Work

Following a person’s arrest, such a person will be given a hearing date where the amount for his or her bail will be set. Once this amount has been set, based on the severity of the case, the flight risk, and other factors, the person has the choice to either call family and friends to come up with the bail amount or work out a way to ensure that the bail condition is met.

If you have been arrested or your loved one has been arrested, you can call us at 24 Hour Bail Bonds Financing to step into the situation. We will ensure that all of your needs are handled, posting the bail as a third party and guaranteeing the release of the arrested person from jail.

Once the bail has been posted, our team will ensure that the defendant in the case is monitored in order to ensure that they appear for all court dates. In the event that the person whose bail has been paid skips court dates, we will work with family and friends, alongside bounty hunters to recover such a person and return them to court.

In most cases, the court allows for a grace period during when the accused can be recovered and returned to court, however, if the accused person skips bail and fails to pay the money, then the money that has been paid towards securing the defendant’s bail is forfeited to the courts.

To avoid such problems as this, 24 Hour Bail Bonds Financing recommends that friends and families of the defendant who are standing as sureties should understand full well that they will be held liable for the absence of the defendant, hence, the amount owed to the bail bonds company.

24 Hour Bail Bonds Financing also offers bail bond financing to clients. This is aimed at helping them pay back the amount owed by spreading the payment over a period of time. Such financing allows the defendant or co-signer access to flexible payment options while also exposing the bail bonds agent to a guaranteed stream of payment until the amount owed is offset.

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