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We are always available to meet you and meet up with your needs, securing the release of your loved ones from jail and ensuring that they are reunited with the people they love and care about. To make this happen, we offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year service to all members of our communities, this means that we are never closed.

We have a team that is committed to working fast, making sure that your loved one’s bail is posted as early as possible, even before they are transported to the court. If, however, your loved one is on his or her way to the court, rest assured that we will take all possible steps to ensure that the bail is posted in court and that they regain freedom.

Delay can be dangerous, especially as the bail amount may change, a development that is detrimental to your financial standing and to ensure that this doesn’t happen, we suggest that you make that call to us as fast as possible. Our staff is always available and willing to walk you through the steps to secure bail and free your loved ones from jail.

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When you call us, we will ask you a few questions to enable us to process the bail as soon as possible. Some of the questions we need are directed towards making sure that the right facility in which your loved one is being held is determined – this is where the bail will be posted to-, their names are correctly gotten on paper, the crime for which they have been arrested is known – to enable bail processing- and more.

Once these questions are answered, we will schedule a meeting with you, most likely at the police department to enable posting of the bond.

We ensure that the process remains fast and seamless for you, making sure that you are adequately educated throughout the process.

24 Hour Bail Bonds Financing Reveals Types of Bail Bonds in Hartford CT

Get arrested, appear in court, bail condition is set, pay money to get out of jail.

The above process looks simple on paper but might be much more complicated in reality. Consider the traumatizing effect of getting arrested, the effect on friends and family members and the amount that will be set as bail, yes, all these are capable of turning the otherwise simple process on its head, giving you the hard time you never for once expected or imagined.

In most cases, people who have no prior experience with the criminal justice system find the process of getting arrested and being put in jail surreal. Granted, the adrenaline at the point of arrest may phase out the fear, but soon enough, you are bound to start experiencing fear as you think about your life, your future, and the effect of the arrest on your life from here onwards.



These fears may be heightened when your bail is set at a ridiculously high amount, say $100,000. The questions begin to roll in, how to secure such an amount in exchange for your freedom, whether or not you have to pay the full amount and others.

While these questions keep coming in, understanding how bail bond loans work will help you to stay and remain calm throughout the whole process.

At 24 Hour Bail Bonds Financing, we are the leading bail bonds company in Hartford, CT and we understand the process well enough to offer you fast and cheap services.

If you are in need of help after you have been arrested, below are some of the things you need to know about getting arrested and making bail in Hartford, CT.

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