Many people do not know a lot of mafia history, especially the mafia in Connecticut. You wouldn’t know it, but Connecticut has a strong, long history of mafia activity. Many mafia members decided to make the state their home, not only because of the nice neighborhoods that were there but because the city officials, including the police, would go out of their way to protect the mafia members. This meant, usually they didn’t need New Haven bail bonds, but if they did, they knew where to get them from.

The New Haven Mafia

Midge “Annunziato” Renault is one of New Haven’s favorite mafia members and one of the most notorious. He was terrifying, but interesting, at the same time; making a name for himself. He chose who he liked and who he didn’t, and if you were lucky enough to be one of the ones he did like, he had a heart of gold. For those who he didn’t like, life was made tough or even ended for those individuals.

Midge caught up with a few other members throughout the area, bringing them together to live a life of crime. Ralph Mele was his first partner in crime. Midge and Mele started crime throughout the area, creating a mafia that was short-lived, but scary for those in the area, nevertheless.

The biggest issue that brought out the mafia more than any other was the Prohibition. This was due to the number of immigrants moving to the area when it was once Yankees for 300 or more years. These gangs would steal, make, and distribute alcohol illegally, making money for something that was outlawed.

Mele and Midge continued to expand their efforts, even against the warnings of others. Mele ended up dying during this time. They met up with Frank Costell and Ralph “Whitey” Tropiano. These four turned over illegal alcohol and then opened up gambling houses. Once Mele brought in his buddy, Town Committee chairman, Richard C. Lee, gambling became a major issue.

Come the 50’s and 60’s the mob started coming upon hard times. Many of them had already done a series of jail sentences. The police were cracking down on the mafia members and this brought many of them to hiding, while others were brought to justice for the previous crimes they were a part of. The one that ended it all and is highly regarded as one of the best policemen in the New Haven area is FBI agent who went undercover and found that congressman and other men of notable government areas were a part of this.

It was shocking to the town but something that was dealt with, eventually unearthing the mafia and ending their ties to the government.

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