Bail and bond are often used interchangeably yet they mean different things. You might have never thought you’d come to learn the difference between the two terms until you or a loved one has been arrested. The truth is you can never know when you’ll be arrested. All it takes is one bad decision or a lapse in judgment to find yourself behind bars. When searching for Bridgeport bail bonds, it is important that you’re learning the difference between the two terms.

What Is the Difference?

There is a big difference between the two terms and the main one has to do with the price. As much as a bond could have a lower up-front cost, you could be expected to pay a larger long-term cost. In most states, the judge could present two options when setting bail. The two most common options are cash bail and bail bond. It will be impossible to be bonded out of jail unless that amount that is set by the court is settled.
Bail will be paid directly to the bondsman or the court in order to secure your release. There are different types of bail that you can opt for and each will come with its own set of requirements. The reason why bail is important is so that there is an assurance that the defendant will appear in court.

Bail Conditions

As we’ve already mentioned, there are varying bail bonds with different conditions. When you have a bail hearing or arraignment in court, there are four possible bail outcomes.
Being released in your recognizance: This could be said to be the best bail outcome as you’ll not be required to pay for anything. You will be required to sign an agreement that you’ll show up in court. There could also be other conditions that you’re required to meet which will be set by the court.
Personal Bond: This is similar to personal recognizance but you could face additional criminal charges in the event that you fail to appear in court.
Posting Bail: You might get a bail set with terms of release. That means you will only secure your release when you post bail.
It is also possible that you could be denied bail. Under such circumstances, the court might see you as a flight risk or as a danger to society.

Bail Vs. Bond

There are situations where you might not be able to come up with the bail bond amount needed to secure your release. Assets can be used as collateral when you don’t have the needed amount. For bail bonds, you can make the payments with credit cards or debit cards.

Getting Professional Bail Bond Services

When you’ve been arrested, the last thing you’d want is to spend time behind bars. You should be looking for a reputable bail bonds company to help in securing your release. Since the process is not straightforward, you should let a bail bonds agent handle the work.

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